PRC closing & move to ASR 16 Oct 2020

Sadly PRC will close it's doors on the 27th November 2020 but will be moving to ASR!
This is mainly down to the low number of drivers we have been getting especially in RF2 at our closed events.

Unfortunately this means no more Automobilista. However I will be helping the guys over at Attis Sim Racing (ASR) to run rFactor 2. I hope that those of you who love racing RF2 will move to ASR and together with their members we will be able to get more drivers driving in RF2.

Currently ASR run AMS 2, ACC, Wreckfest & Dirt Rally 2.0. So if you love those sims that's also a great reason to move to ASR. :grin:

Below is a link to their Discord

Thanks to all of those who have stuck with us though and those who have donated during our time. Without this support PRC would have closed a long time ago.


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